Episode 1: The First Album

Episode 1: 1101, “Up with People!”

In the inaugural episode of the series, Nathan tells us about the history of the album 1101 including how we were connected to the famous faces shown on the front, as well as the differences in the versions that can be found on the back of the album.


Q&A with Nathan

Q&A with Nathan

We asked Nathan a few questions about his collection to learn a little more about what he most cherishes.

What is your favorite item in the collection?
I have several “favorites.” Each favorite is a combination of the item’s rarity, the surprise in discovering its existence, and the thrill of acquiring it. 

  1. 1969 UWP High School Yearbook
  2. Great Things album with school filmstrip (still in box with invoice)
  3. LP of the White House performance for Nixon
  4. Up with People World Festival pennant5. The only known copy of the “guitar poster” to still exist

What is the most unique item in your collection? 
Sometime in the 1970s a cast visited Pennsylvania. One of the host dads for the cast was a hobbyist who flattens and engraves pennies. He created a design for UWP and gave one to each cast member. (this is the story that was relayed to me when I found it on eBay.)

What item you have the most duplicates of? 
I have over 30 copies of the CD for A Common Beat. 

What item do you wish for the most? 
An UWP high school ring

Nathan will continue to share items from his collection through the video series, so stayed tuned on the UWPIAA Facebook Group and subscribe to the UWPIAA YouTube Channel.

Video Series

Video Series Promo Teaser

The UWPIAA is pleased to announce a new video series by Nathan Kafka (’00C). Re-live it Live will talk about the history of Up with People through the albums that were released through the history of the organization. Nathan is collecting stories from Alumni and would love to hear your memories!


J. Blanton Belk Releases His Memoir

Up with People has annouced that J. Blanton Belk’s Memoir is available now for pre-order

Announcing the publication of “J. Blanton Belk: It’s an unfinished world, and it’s still in the making…”

Belk is sharing stories of his life and the founding of Up with People in his own words in this memoir. This is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision. J. Blanton Belk, son of a Presbyterian minister, who urged him to search for ways to make the biggest possible contribution with his life in the world. The opportunity came in 1965 at a gathering of international young people who created a musical demonstration together–Sing Out/Up with People was born. A journey had begun, one that is still today bringing hope and spirit to a troubled world. The memoir is now available for pre-order and will ship on August 21, 2020.

Orders placed before August 17th will receive a $5 discount.

Pre-orders available for US shipping at

**International pre-orders will be available soon and information will be shared on how to place an order for international shipment here.