About the Host

Nathan Kafka (’00C)

Nathan is an avid collector of UWP history including albums, posters, merchandise and memorabilia. It is likely that he has the largest privately held collection of UWP artifacts in the world. Nathan works closely with the UWP archivist, volunteering many hours for the organization sorting and protecting materials. His favorite activity is introducing new cast members to the history of UWP.

Nathan’s interest in learning and collecting UWP history began in 2000 when UWP suspended operations, sending him and his 165 cast mates home a semester early. The search for connection led him to the UWPIAA forum where many alums told stories of their experiences from PACE, Dellwood, Bear Creek and others. In a desperate attempt for answers he just started buying everything he could from eBay.

Nathan is a member of Cast C 2000 and serves as one of his cast representatives. He has lived in 6 states and currently resides in Appleton, Wisconsin. Nathan is college administrator and is a tiki cocktail aficionado. He is constantly seeking donations and acquisitions for his collection of UWP items and tiki mugs.

About the Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA)

Incorporated in 1988, the Up with People International Alumni Association, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, hosts an annual reunion and other global alumni gatherings through various local & national clubs and associations. Our vision is to inspire vibrant multi-generational and global alumni to be instrumental in perpetuating the mission and vision of UWP. All individuals who were accepted into the Up with People program and who completed staging/orientation, who have traveled as a cast member or served as a staff member of Up with People or WorldSmart, who were in any national traveling cast of Sing Out, or who were on the staff of PACE magazine are members of the association.